Ankle brace issues

So my ankle braces are my lifeline. But yesterday became a difficult reminder on how messed up medical nessassities are over looked by insurance companies. I recently broke my left ankle brace. Today I went and saw my Orthotist so I can get it replaced. They come with a one year warranty and I came in with two days remaining in that time line. Now the huge downside… The braces I get are the Allard Custom Blue Rockers and need to be shipped to Sweden to be fabricated. This process takes approximately 2-3 months. Yup months and insurance doesn’t allow a second pair for back up purposes. Which would make a wait of months barrable. Instead they will fix only what is broken and people like me are forced to suffer even more. So a little on why I NEED ankle braces. The muscles in the feet have two main muscle movements. Plantar flexion which is the “Gas pedal” movement. I have this movement but it’s maybe half as strong as it should be. And then there is dorsal flexion (think dorsal fins on fish) upward movement. I don’t possess this movement. Nerves and muscles in my feet don’t flair at all. This causes severe foot drop. The braces I wear have solid foot plates that keeps my feet flat as if I don’t have foot drop. One of my biggest struggles with ankle braces is derablility. The purpose is to provide a more active life style. Unfortunately the more active you are the quicker they break. 


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